Is there a correct way to spray on Perfume ???

Q1. What is the difference between fragrance concentrations or for a fragrance to be more potent? (esp., edit, etc.)

Answer: Fragrance concentration varies on how much of the fragrant oils (natural or synthetic) are used in formula. More concentration usually permits longer lasting power but also means higher price when buying from most department stores.

Perfume / Perfume (20% – 35%) Highest Concentration (Last about 5 to 6 hours) Eau de Perfume (9% to 15%) More Concentration (Last about 3 to 4 hours) Eau de Toilette (5% to 8%) Average Concentration (Lasts about 2 to 3 hours) Eau de Cologne (3% to 5%) Less Concentration (Lasts about 1 to 2 hours)

Q2. What is the difference between buying a perfume and cologne?

Answer: We use PERFUME to describe Women’s Fragrance and COLOGNE to describe Men’s Cologne.

Q3.Why don’t most fragrances I buy usually last?

Answer: There are some of the factors that could shorten the stay of your fragrance but varies depending on Skin Type – Dry skin will hold the fragrance for shorter period than the oily skin. Body Wash/ Bar Soap – Deodorant soap will fight your odor including the fragrance. PH Level – PH Level will always vary from person to person and in females and males. Some fragrance will not react as well as the other and may smell different on a different skin type.

Q4. How can I make my cologne/ perfume last longer?

Answer: Apply fragrance on your purse points: behind your ears but not on your hair, neck area, between the breasts or chest area, and ankles. Most, perfumers believe you should apply cologne or perfume anywhere you have a pulse. While most of the public believes to apply a lot of sprays to ones clothing and this not recommended as clothing can be stained or become dingy. If you feel you must apply to your clothes then you can add to your iron and steam in the fragrance.

Q5. How far away should I apply my perfume/cologne?

Answer: Approximately 10 centimeters away.

Q6. What is the main difference between Major Scent and Notes?

Answer: There are many different ingredients (notes) which compose your perfume/cologne. These notes are divided in 3 main categories.  

Top Notes – are changeable notes that fluctuate and evaporate in less than 5 minutes…

Middle Notes – After interacting with skin, we call this the heart of the perfume will become apparent in 6 to 10 minutes (after the top note evaporates) and will last for up to 4 hours. Middle notes are the most important notes and defines the fragrance you are applying to the skin.

Bottom Notes – Most steady and the longest lasting notes that penetrate through the body for hours and days. Bottom notes and will reveal the true scent and set the mood of your fragrance.

Q7. What do perfume imitations mean?

Answer: Replica fragrances which are the exact imitations of original Brand Names with same great smell or most of the time even better.

Q8. How can I keep my fragrance fresh for a long time?

Answer: Avoid direct sunlight and extreme heat. Best if kept in a cool and dry area. If you do not plan to use it for a while, it may be a good idea to seal in a plastic bag inside the refrigerator.

Q9. What if I receive damaged product?

Answer: In the event of  Damage Claims or part of your order arrives damaged, please email us immediately so we can notify UPS and file a damage claim. Please keep all packaging materials for five business days after notifying us and a replacement will be sent to you.

Q10. How long do most perfume/colognes last or stay fresh?

Answer: Usually 3 years is the maximum but if the perfumes/colognes are not kept in a cool dry spot away from the sun then this will help shorten the expiration date. A lot of sunlight and changes in temperature do not help and for this we do not recommend to keep in the bathroom. Try to keep in the box for storage and to keep fresh.

Q11. Should colognes ever be mixed or should 2 different colognes be applied?

Answer: No, colognes or perfumes should ever be mixed even if you feel the first cologne applied has worn off or expired.