After reviewing men’s fragrances by Creed on this site including both Aventus and Green Irish Tweed. Now, I want to do a bit of comparison between the two colognes to see which one is better. Now obviously, scent is an entirely subjective experience, even if a majority of people are able to agree on something that smells good (which is why we have best selling fragrances). However, I want to present my opinions on each of these colognes in this post and weigh as to which one is the better bet and why I think that.




Notes include: violet leaf, sandalwood, iris, ambergris, lemon verbena 



Creed Aventus for Men Eau De Parfum Spray, 4.0 Ounce

Notes of Creed Aventus: 

Top: Blackcurrant,Italian bergamot, French apples and pineapple

Middle: Rose, dry birch, Moroccan jasmine, and patchouli

Base Notes: musk, oak moss, ambergris, and vanilla.


Now, as I’ve stated in my original reviews (Aventus and GIT), I’m not really a fan of either cologne’s opening scent. To me, the opening 15 minutes or so of Aventus is akin to a dulled down version of Lemon Pinesol. Meanwhile, GIT has a pretty earthy and mossy type of opening which doesn’t really wow me either.

If I had to choose the better opening from two which I’m not fond of, I’d give the nod to GIT. It doesn’t blow me away but it isn’t as pungent and intense as the opening of Aventus. So, during this initial stage it is a better fragrance.

Edge: GIT


Both of these fragrances are very good in terms of how long each of them lasts.  There really is no edge here as both of them have about the same wear time of somewhere in the 7-10 hour range in most cases.

Edge: Push


Just as both of these fragrances have good longevity, they also project very well too. I would say that Aventus is the stronger of the two in this regard, as I usually won’t apply more than the equivalent of two sprays, after that I think it just becomes too loud.

Edge: Slight Aventus


I view GIT as more of a spring scent and Aventus as a spring/early summer scent. However, Aventus could be used well during the winter and in the summer as well, if it is not too hot.

Also, I think Aventus has more uses in terms of the occasion than does Green Irish Tweed. GIT doesn’t feel like a date night cologne to me or one that I’d one to wear out to a party or something. Whereas, I think Aventus can pull both of these situations off. Aventus seems sophisticated but not necessarily something a younger guy couldn’t wear and GIT comes off as more mature in its use.

Edge: Aventus

Overall Scent

I like GIT but I’ve never been blown away by it. I understand why some people swear by it but it really isn’t my style and I feel like that’d also be the case for many other guys. While the opening of Aventus has never sat right with me, once it settles down it does become a really great scent that is quite woodsy and masculine with the undertones of citrus, instead of its initial overwhelming citrus notes.

Again, this is all subjective to my personal tastes and experiences but I simply think that Aventus is the better choice between the two for most guys.

Winner: Aventus






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