Hello European Distributors,

        I just wanted to write you guys an email to first “Thank you” for great Cologne and also for the samples :) Also, I wanted to share my thoughts on your Fragrance compared to the other batches I have smelled in the past.
        First I am definitely getting fruit  vibe here, and light blend of sheer fruits. Black currants (almost "plummy") along with crisp apple and bergamot swirl around with playful and (getting much sweeter now) creamy pineapple. Second I get some earthy and slightly floral air with a perfume feel BUT when I put on top of my arm: an amazingly different array of notes and scents...much more airy and fresh and less sweet and thick., it's true! The birch note here is more like white birch bark and not "tarry" or overly smoky at all. Rose and jasmine play quietly on a soft bed of fresh patchouli leaves. An interesting position between male and female (woody and floral) notes. There is something here, as it goes on, that is giving me some kind of Deja Vu...but I will be damned if I can say "of what"?! This is, perhaps, the lightest "dark" fragrance I have ever sniffed. (Noir Lite? LOL) The finish (though this does have the usual CREED lifespan, ie: DAYS on paper, all day on skin) is soft and clean, but warm and sexy at the same time. Aventus intrigues me...I love it and I am getting tons of compliments. Reminds me of decant I  bought in 2014 .Sure...Is it worth the 44$ , yes most definitely. Since it IS a quality scent for sure,. I shall (upon further wearings and finishing this generous sample) report back if my feelings have changed. Right now, as it stands, lovin it...very much worth it.


Thank You,

Daniel Rosles


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